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Full dentures are generally recommended for those with very few teeth that are salvageable. The process of getting full dentures is focused on providing special care towards restoring the health of the mouth, healing infections, removing damaged teeth, and making sure the mouth is pain-free. Full dentures are a great solution for those who have severe or chronic tooth problems. The full dentures also help in filling out the face the may appear sunken due to lack of teeth. Giving you a healthier and younger facial appearance! This will also restore your ability to eat foods again and further improve your physical health and well-being!

Partials are typically used when replacing a single teeth or just a few teeth. They can quickly solve aesthetics issues of the face & mouth, and fill gaps in your smile. Partial dentures can also protect the health of your remaining teeth by re-aligning your teeth structure. They will also prevent teeth from shifting & weakening, which is typically caused when other areas of the mouth are being overused.

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