Dentures & Partials in Houston, TX

Dentures are a common choice for many of our patients at West Road Dental in Houston, TX. If you have missing teeth or even just want to brighten up your smile, then dentures may be the perfect option for your smile. What is the difference between dentures and partials and how do you know which one is best for you? Read on to learn more about dentures and partials!

Types of Dentures

Dentures are made up of acrylic and resin material, and at times various metals are added as well. Dentures can have a secure foundation through the use of dental implants. This can give you added confidence without having to worry if the dentures will move and slide. Complete dentures cover the entirety of the top or bottom row of your teeth. They are securely attached to your gums for a secure fit. Partial dentures are another option for those who have scattered missing teeth. They are placed in between the missing tooth’s area. Partial dentures are the perfect option for those who don’t want complete dentures.

Why Should I Get Dentures?

Both complete and partial dentures help to replace missing teeth and give your smile a better aesthetic. Completing your smile adds to the overall appearance of your face and cheeks. It improves your facial muscles. When properly cared for, your dentures can last many years.

If you are in need of dentures in the Houston, TX area, then contact West Road Dental for our denture services. You deserve to improve your smile!

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