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West Road Dental provides several dental services to our patients. We strive to bring easy access and comfortable services to the people in the Houston, TX area. Our dentist is highly trained with all the newest technologies in the dental field today. Are you interested in a different form of dental service? Read on to see what advanced technology we use in our Houston dental office.

  • Laser Dentistry. Laser dentistry helps to avoid the use of scalpels. It helps to avoid trauma and swelling in your mouth. The laser helps to reduce the risk of infection because it kills bacteria. It allows for less healing time and a more pain-free procedure.
  • Digital X-Rays and Imaging. Digital x-rays allow your dentist to get to the root of your problem instantly. Modern imaging has greatly cut down on processing time and avoids radiation exposure.
  • 3D Cone Beam. 3D imaging allows dentists to clearly visualize the entire issue. This makes for clearer treatment plans and an increase in patient comfort.
  • Cavity Detector. A scanner helps to locate missed decay easily. Its handheld scope allows for more comfort as well.

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